Failure To Launch

No, I am not talking about the movie here…

Anyone that knows me has been hearing me talk about my personal website launch for what seems like forever. This site has never been at the point where I felt it was ready to launch, so I kept pushing it off. There was always one more thing I needed to add, one thing I needed to tweak or one project I haven’t added yet. I realized that I am always working on new projects and if I keep waiting until this website is perfect, it will never get launched.

So rather than continue waiting… and waiting some more, I have decided to remove the coming soon page and launch the website. Even if it’s not perfect yet, websites evolve over time and that is what will happen here. While this website is live it will continue to evolve and grow as I add new projects.

The point is that sometimes we want everything to be perfect before we launch projects and in reality nothing will ever be perfect. You will never know what your website needs to be until you have real visitors interacting with the site.