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How to build a website

So you have an idea for a business but you need a website. With all the website builder options available it can be overwhelming selecting the right platform to use. You’re probably thinking “why would this guy tell me how to get a website on my own when he charges to build them?”. Well, the...

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Failure To Launch

No, I am not talking about the movie here… Anyone that knows me has been hearing me talk about my personal website launch for what seems like forever. This site has never been at the point where I felt it was ready to launch, so I kept pushing it off. There was always one more...

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Website Icons

This is going to be a quick and to the point post about website icons. Having an icon with your content can help give a visitor a better visual of the message you’re trying to deliver… for example if as a visitor you load a website full of text, you likely won’t know where you...

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Animation Overkill

In my very limited free time I tend to find myself browsing other websites to see new development trends. I have been noticing more and more that websites are including more and more animations like fade in content or sliding content. While I am a big fan of using animations to pull a visitors attention...

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