Website Icons

This is going to be a quick and to the point post about website icons. Having an icon with your content can help give a visitor a better visual of the message you’re trying to deliver… for example if as a visitor you load a website full of text, you likely won’t know where you want to look first but if you use icons it makes finding items or information much easier and can improve the user experience on your website. I wouldn’t recommend only using icons, but including them as an addition to a heading can create a visual “break” throughout the website.

If you’re like me and have decided you want to use icons you may be wondering where to get them. Sometimes creating icons for a website can be time consuming and over all just a huge pain. I found this website a while back Free Website Icons that has hundreds of thousands of free icons available to use. I must warn you, if you don’t know what type of an icon you’re looking for you will more than likely spend hours browsing through the icons… they are all so great! Just be sure to give credit for any icons you use.. or you can always purchase them.