The Details

The team over at Hero Brands needed an online presence that would allow current and future customers to view past work and more importantly have the ability to order directly through the website.

The plan

This was going to be a tricky and complex website… but as usual, I was up for the challenge. I needed to put together a user flow that would allow the business to showcase their many product and service offerings. From there I would need to figure out a way to integrate their custom products into a seamless eCommerce solution that would calculate the price based on the quantity and dimensions of each product. This would obviously require a database to store that data. Phase 2 of this was to incorporate a vehicle wrap estimator that gathers information from the customer, like vehicle, wrap material, design, etc. and gives them an estimate.

The Results

The site turned out great! The customer was happy and everything worked as needed. Customers can view past customer projects, create their own projects and purchase online. We also got the vehicle wrap estimator working so customers who have no idea how much a vehicle wrap costs can enter some details and get an estimate of how much it would cost to wrap their vehicle.

The most important part of this build for me was to make it future proof. This means I added a way for my client to manage every piece of the website. From product prices to material costs and website content.

The goal wasn’t to build a site for the business as it is today but to build a website that will support the business as it grows over time. That is exactly what I did.

What I used